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  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 年 前

    Happy Thanksgiving, Maru & Hana!!!

  • Adri The Kid
    Adri The Kid 年 前

    How old is Maru?

  • miraclegal55
    miraclegal55 年 前

    I have enjoyed Maru and Hannah for a long time. Thank you! How old are they?

  • Vickie Padgett

    There is a company using a JPclips video of Maru and Hana as advertising a product on Instagram. If they do not have permission you should contact them. They are called Arnold Pets and the video is of the Macaroon Bed or Cat Burger Bun Bed at They also have two pictures of Hana and Maru on their website page.

  • Bee Dear
    Bee Dear 年 前

    I would like to see videos of Maru's and Hanna's owner interacting with them. Holding and hugging them.

  • John Burger
    John Burger 年 前

    You are a true artist. As another video maker (much less successful than you), I share many of the same values as you - simplicity, artful composition, and patience. Maru, Hana, and Little Hana are memorable characters, and you set up fun situations for them to interact with. Your fine work is greatly appreciated.

  • JoyFerret
    JoyFerret 年 前

    I love Maru! She always makes me smile and she is so fluffy!

  • liv r
    liv r 年 前

    469 videos?!?!

  • rottingemptiness

    Even my 2 cats are watching Maru & Hana episodes once in a while , while sitting next to me 😌👌

  • Kids Cover Home

    hihi so so cute !!

  • Tatjana Milutinović

    Maru is the most beautiful cat in the World. Thanks for the videos!

  • daniel vance
    daniel vance 年 前


  • Michelle Kim
    Michelle Kim 年 前

    Maru is so sweet. <3 He looks so cute!

  • José Luiz Trontino

    it´s called softlylife guy!

  • あめくん
    あめくん 年 前


  • 叉仔LittleForkTV

    really love this big guy!

  • 青い鳥のクマ


  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 2 年 前

    Happy New Year's Day Maru & Hana!!!

  • Ololo
    Ololo 2 年 前


  • Ani Vasion
    Ani Vasion 2 年 前


  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 2 年 前

    Happy Thanksgiving Maru & Hana!!!

  • Sabrina Elisa horses


  • Dipper
    Dipper 2 年 前

    Don't know why, but these videos trigger ASMR for me.

  • Thomas & Christine O'Keefe

    Miss Maru and Hana since Cute Overload went down. So glad I found this!! Hugs to the squishiest looking cat (Maru) ever! Wish I could give Maru a box!

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 2 年 前

    It's Halloween!!!

  • LurkMoar101
    LurkMoar101 2 年 前

    Will we ever get to see or meet the glorious mugumogu in a video one day? I've been curious as to who Maru's guardian is for like 7 years now.

  • Anna Jacobs
    Anna Jacobs 2 年 前

    Love love love Maru and Hana !

  • Cute Cats Kwazi and Uli

    Kwazi & Uli just sang a song that mentions you Maru the cutest cat in the world. We hope you can take a look! It's called "the You Tube Cat Song" on our channel. Lots of love, Kwazi & Uli

  • vanhouten64
    vanhouten64 2 年 前

    Hi Maru and Hana! We love you!

    • vanhouten64
      vanhouten64 2 年 前

      +Jennifer Stern Haha, yes it is! I love you, too!

    • Jennifer Stern
      Jennifer Stern 2 年 前

      I love your icon! Spirited Away is one of the BEST anime's ever!

  • chrisrus1965
    chrisrus1965 2 年 前

    Please playlist your uploads.

    • Jennifer Stern
      Jennifer Stern 2 年 前

      I think there was a playlist... not sure what happened. I remember watching the vids in order of date uploaded tho.

    • chrisrus1965
      chrisrus1965 2 年 前

      Why don't you playlist your uploads?

  • BeeKnotEwe
    BeeKnotEwe 2 年 前

    We simply love Maru! I had to subscribe so my cats won't miss out on watching even one video with me. I have some great cat videos too, so come visit our channel sometime. Hope to see you there!

  • wonderglory
    wonderglory 2 年 前

    Recently, there were two huge earthquakes in Japan. Is everybody alright?

  • tomytomy Shin-chan


  • Наталья Дегтярева

    Спасибо за видео таких очаровательных кошек! Доставляют мне хорошее настроение.Люблю кошек.Моего кота зовут Тишка. Он тоже очень умный и хитрый.

  • Марина Гончаренко

    Привет! 1 марта - Международный день кошек! Где праздничное видео? Где праздничный торт?

  • Марина Гончаренко

    ご挨拶!3月1日 - 猫の国際デー!どこ休日のビデオ?どこバースデーケーキ?

  • Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges 2 年 前

    Happy cat day, Maru and Hana! And thank you Mugumogu for sharing your two special kitties with us!!! :)

  • Emily Downham
    Emily Downham 2 年 前

    This channel is so cute!

  • Jani
    Jani 3 年 前

    MARU IS TOTALLY SWEETEST, CUTEST...-THE BEST CAT I HAVE SEEN ON JPclips!! I'M A BIG FAN! Muru & Hana is a good twosome :)

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 3 年 前

    It's New Year's Day!!!

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 3 年 前

    Happy Christmas, Maru & Hana!!!

  • J. B.
    J. B. 3 年 前

    The world loves Maru!

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 3 年 前

    Happy Thanksgiving, Maru & Hana!!!

  • Dani68
    Dani68 3 年 前

    I Love Maru... he makes me smile :) so adorable. Thank you for sharing him with us

  • Charles Powers
    Charles Powers 3 年 前

    Why aren't Maru's ears folded like a typical Scottish Fold?

  • Charles Powers
    Charles Powers 3 年 前

    Can you tell me where you purchased Maru and Hana's big cardboard mouse scratcher/house? Your cats have the best toys! Thank you.

  • J. Abdul
    J. Abdul 3 年 前

    Dear mugumogu, I have just seen this and thought that maybe, it would be interesting to you. I am not related to the owners of the company or their relatives, I do not know those people at

  • Shin the cat presents from Japan

    I enjoy your channel. thanks for the videos. このチャネル好きでビデオ見せてありがとうございます

    • Shin the cat presents from Japan
      Shin the cat presents from Japan 3 年 前

      Thanks for the encouragement! I have been away for a bit but will start making new videos next week!

    • Jani
      Jani 3 年 前

      +Shin the cat presents from Japan I agree! :) THANK YOU!! :)

    • Mikael Peretz Davis
      Mikael Peretz Davis 3 年 前

      +Shin the cat presents from Japan thanks

  • saryjanie
    saryjanie 3 年 前

    Prayer going your way with the floods. Hope you and your family are safe.

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora 3 年 前

    This channel reminds me so much of Chi's' Sweet Home.

  • みしまゆきお


  • Sunny Lester
    Sunny Lester 3 年 前

    Hi Maru, how are you? where are you? where's Hana? be good kitty, cylater :D

  • RubyDIY
    RubyDIY 3 年 前

    Maru IS SO KAWAII!! <3 :D

  • Osaka
    Osaka 3 年 前

    Here's a Lion doing Maru-Things.

  • elsa bilsha
    elsa bilsha 3 年 前

    lucky man.. your cat he's so cut and funny :)

    • Sean's Myth
      Sean's Myth 3 年 前

      How do you know the cat is circumcised?

  • ThePortuguesePlayer

    The channel's name is Mugumogu... Anyone knows what that means?

    • ThePortuguesePlayer
      ThePortuguesePlayer 3 年 前

      +GaldirEonai O_O *MINDBLOWN*

    • GaldirEonai
      GaldirEonai 3 年 前

      +kitakono1 So wait...basically the japanese version of "Omnomnom"? :P

    • ThePortuguesePlayer
      ThePortuguesePlayer 4 年 前

      Something resembling "fat kid" would make sense... ... Or maybe it's really the owners name? I dunno...

    • kitakono1
      kitakono1 4 年 前

      I think 'onomatopee' of Japan. Where the image is child eating burgers. But I could be wrong.

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 4 年 前

    Happy New Year's Day, Maru & Hana!!!

  • Miss Vela
    Miss Vela 4 年 前

    I love Maru & Hana! They're both so cute! :3

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 4 年 前

    Merry Christmas, Maru & Hana!!!

  • Adriana Costa
    Adriana Costa 4 年 前


  • Gladius_15
    Gladius_15 4 年 前

    Maru is male or female?

  • Daniel Burns
    Daniel Burns 4 年 前

    my family's cat matt passed away on November 5 this month.

  • 猫にゃんTV
    猫にゃんTV 4 年 前

    初めまして!最近『猫にゃんTV』を開設した野木と申します(●´ω`●) チャンネル登録して応援させて頂いています♪ もし宜しければ『猫にゃんTV』にも遊びに来て下さいね(´▽`*)

  • Yitsul
    Yitsul 4 年 前

    an Official facebook page to like would be nice.

  • Ivan Mascaro
    Ivan Mascaro 4 年 前

    Hello, Maru is a cat really beautiful and smart! I wanted to know what breed they are and Hana Maru? Thank you and do not stop!

  • Joshua Lorenzo
    Joshua Lorenzo 4 年 前

    How old is your cats..? :)

  • Sergey
    Sergey 4 年 前

    :3 Maru :3

  • Madara M
    Madara M 4 年 前

    Is there any way to meet Maru?

  • A Muñoz
    A Muñoz 4 年 前

    Can I have Maru

  • Annie Barbet
    Annie Barbet 4 年 前

    J ' hope that the cyclone is going to save(spare) you because the news are not very good.

  • Marie K.
    Marie K. 4 年 前

    Please, please, please tell us, where you got the mouse-shaped scratching board !!!!!! Please !!!!

  • Bangkok Rhinoplasty

    Ohhh , the cat is so cuuuuteee, cant help myself adorable. i use to have many cats , like 12 cats at home , when i was a kid....


    you're the richest man in the world! :)

  • glocknutmike
    glocknutmike 4 年 前

    I am curious... are you from China originally, or actually living in China now?

  • Manhal Sadek
    Manhal Sadek 4 年 前

    so cute

  • powerfnl
    powerfnl 4 年 前


  • Arlette Munoz
    Arlette Munoz 4 年 前

    Congrats for 400,000 subscribers!

  • Mermaid Kaida, Queen of the Dragonfishes

    Would love to see a interview of you and a tour of your home!

  • smelly soap
    smelly soap 4 年 前

    Mary is awesome. My favorite part is the tail. Who agrees he is epic. Or she. Don't know.

  • wordreet
    wordreet 4 年 前

    Did FlyNview steal your video?

  • Leanne Le
    Leanne Le 4 年 前

    Does Maru have an official Instagram page??

  • freekitten-o00o
    freekitten-o00o 4 年 前


    • kitakono1
      kitakono1 4 年 前

      Because there is not it with the paid channel, you should check it by oneself.

    • MrDoenerbrot
      MrDoenerbrot 4 年 前

      +GTA 5 PSP Download it´s japanese :D

    • ぎんぎらぎん
      ぎんぎらぎん 4 年 前

      なんとなく意味わかりゃいいじゃんw 別に金とってるわけでもないのに、そこまで求めなくてもさ

  • Ian Lanford
    Ian Lanford 4 年 前

    maru the cutest cat evaaaa

    • A Muñoz
      A Muñoz 4 年 前

      he was in a commerical

  • Joe McNulty
    Joe McNulty 4 年 前

    Type in maru memes you'll see him wearing a box like wing and under it it'll say " I must fly my people need me.

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens 4 年 前

    Nice Channel and videos !

  • Premature Ejaculation Cure

    what's mugumogu. sounds like a japanese food...

  • Nephanor
    Nephanor 4 年 前

    Maru reminds me a lot of my girl, Bo. Except she's smart (too smart), skittish, in good shape, and hyper. She doesn't like her belly rubbed or being brushed at all. And she's not snuggly. But oh, does she love boxes...not quite dive-bomb into them love, but still.

  • Daigo Ideguchi
    Daigo Ideguchi 4 年 前


  • Jonas Konas
    Jonas Konas 5 年 前

    Maru is so cuteeeee, i love him!!! I have 6 cats at home and 3 more at my boyfriend's house! I just started a channel and hope everyone likes my catsss ehe, feel free to subscribe! xx

  • Jack Burgess
    Jack Burgess 5 年 前

    need a new video!

  • Patrick Reikofski

    Cats. Cats are funny, but cats are funny when they belong to other people. If I have my own cats, they just pee everywhere, which I don't think is very funny.

  • Szymon Brak nazwiska

    Your channel is so beautiful:) I subbed back! You have a nice day now.

  • Kwak
    Kwak 5 年 前


  • Anonyme Google
    Anonyme Google 5 年 前

    Maru is many many many funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Zaran Show
    Zaran Show 5 年 前

    no new video :)

  • Hansch-TV.
    Hansch-TV. 5 年 前

    I abo you..

  • Hansch-TV.
    Hansch-TV. 5 年 前

    So much fun all the time, said James Hasipopasifield. I'm grandpa of five kitten from 2 fathers in one litter. So visit my channel...

  • The Cutest Cat Ever "Punkin"

    Maru is such a cutie! :) I subbed! =^.^= ~Punkin the kitty and her mom the human

  • stacked trash
    stacked trash 5 年 前

    How old is Maru ??

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated 5 年 前

    Maru was my reason behind getting a Scottish Fold Straight, and my kitten Pixel is also a delight! I just need her to learn how to jump into boxes :)

  • Sara Z.R
    Sara Z.R 5 年 前

    Hi!! I love your channel. We have a channel with a beautiful cat called Tigri. I invite you to see our channel follow us!! =)

  • musters9
    musters9 5 年 前


  • snoopyliaw
    snoopyliaw 5 年 前

    i love maru .

  • jan409
    jan409 5 年 前

    thank you for uploading these videos, it makes me a little less depressed

  • Kate Crown
    Kate Crown 5 年 前

    How old is Maru?

  • Kai CJ
    Kai CJ 5 年 前

    Hi mugomugo! I wonder where Maru and Hana sleep at night. Are they allowed to sleep in your bed? :) ... Where did you get Maru from?

  • noririnn
    noririnn 5 年 前

    UQwimaxCM以前からの元祖まるちゃんファンです。 大ダンボールへのジャンプ投入、箱スライディング、引き出しの開け閉め学習、カイワレカップにクビ突っ込んで取れなくなった間抜けっぷり、もう全部大好き!

  • L Ruffalo
    L Ruffalo 5 年 前

    My son LOVES to watch Maru!!! It's one of his favorite things to watch in the mornings!! He asks, Maru Maru?? and runs to the television.

  • Kみほ
    Kみほ 5 年 前

    いつも拝見させていただいていました。 本当に癒されますね。 チャンネル登録しましたので、よろしくお願いします♪

  • victor osaka
    victor osaka 5 年 前

    Hana?!?!?! Yipee! Maru has a playmate! What a good Maru. Maur will teach Hana all the tricks!

  • nenassy
    nenassy 5 年 前


  • Святослав Кудряшов

    What does the word Maru means?

  • Yitsul
    Yitsul 5 年 前

    I want a video of the new kitten, whats his/her name?

  • SallyTrumpPenceAmerica

    Sending Love to Maru and his New Kitten playmate :-D

  • Another nameless guy

    Hi! Is Maru ok? this channel hasn't been updated for over a month and my whole family is worrying

  • entranced98
    entranced98 5 年 前

    so what happened?

  • Nisa J.
    Nisa J. 5 年 前

    make a video of maru and hana (his new friend)

  • Momo & Anco
    Momo & Anco 5 年 前


  • J. Abdul
    J. Abdul 5 年 前

    Hi mugumogu, Thank you for the update, Maru is sooo handsome (he's so slim I can see his backbone)! And it is very good of you to give Hana home and it is extremely nice of Maru to allow her to sleep in his box - we never had any doubts that Maru is a gracious gentleman! :)

  • Mat Tkose
    Mat Tkose 5 年 前

    Compare With The Cat Twisties ad^^Which One Cute?????juz guess~

  • ChelsHerself
    ChelsHerself 5 年 前

    I can't wait to see some videos of Hana and Maru playing ^o^

  • J. Abdul
    J. Abdul 5 年 前

    Hi mugumogu, I will be missing your daily updates of Maru's blog but am happy to know that Maru and you are doing fine! Always looking forward to any news about Maru!! Please kiss him for me :)

  • Danae
    Danae 5 年 前

    there hasn't been a new video in a long time. where is maru? are he and his mom okay?

  • gamefreak10
    gamefreak10 5 年 前

    Say Hello to Hana!

  • sealyan78
    sealyan78 5 年 前

    So Maru is carrying out his 光源氏計画?

  • mauschen22
    mauschen22 5 年 前

    Would love to see some videos of Maru with his new kitten friend! :)

  • meowchanycc
    meowchanycc 5 年 前

    can we see a video about how the two little wretches work out! forward!

  • Monica Cheek
    Monica Cheek 5 年 前

    I can't wait to see his new playmate!!!

  • J. Abdul
    J. Abdul 5 年 前

    Maru's family has a new kitten, a friend and company for Maru - congratulations!

  • gamefreak10
    gamefreak10 5 年 前

    Maru have new friend!

  • József Nyilas
    József Nyilas 5 年 前

    Nagyon vicces kis macska! :) LOL

  • Sony Trinitron
    Sony Trinitron 5 年 前

    best wishes maru! also you look after your cat very well!

  • J. Abdul
    J. Abdul 5 年 前

    Hi mugumogu Maru's blog has not been updated for a week - is everything good and Maru and you are doing fine???? Please post an update!

  • funnycatsvideos
    funnycatsvideos 5 年 前

    maru is better than any other actress around the world.

  • TravMar
    TravMar 5 年 前

    ey i send one of your comment s and hoping you will take 1 sec and look at my content if you like it u dont have to sub just come back

  • Ginger Kitties Four

    meow purrrrrrrrrrr mew mew purrrrrrrrrr

  • toapto99
    toapto99 5 年 前


  • hopperslife
    hopperslife 5 年 前

    Meow >^.^<

  • EG 44
    EG 44 5 年 前

    まるサイコーです。うちの実家の猫もまるって言うんですよ☆ ユニクロCMは驚きました^^ これからもアップ楽しみにしています。

  • Growler6t6
    Growler6t6 5 年 前

    You could make a fortune making and selling things like pet beds with Maru's picture on it, Maru refrigerator magnets, Maru pet brushes, Maru key chains, etc. You could probably commission a toy manufacturer there in Japan to make them.

  • Rory
    Rory 5 年 前

    i love maru! your cat is so adorable he just made me have to subscribe! <3 love

  • Elinor Edwards
    Elinor Edwards 5 年 前

    Love Maru! thank you so much for sharing him with us, he brightens my day :) Also a Maru calendar would be great!

  • Lannaa
    Lannaa 5 年 前

    Maru is the cutest cat in the world :3 When he looks with his bigs eyes ... and his little white socks .. awww <3

  • Jackie Manoon
    Jackie Manoon 5 年 前

    i am so in love with maru, silly maru. very funny, very cartoon like. and you did such a wonderful job on all videos. love them all. thank you for posting them. oh btw, can i adopt maru? ...just kidding. i can never take your place. xoxo

  • Aisyah G
    Aisyah G 5 年 前

    I was playing Akinator and I was doing Maru and the genie got it :O

  • Aeiou
    Aeiou 5 年 前 get fat............

  • Alex
    Alex 5 年 前

    so gorgeous cat <3 love from Serbia

  • wonderglory
    wonderglory 5 年 前

    I hope Maru cuddles up to you when you're asleep in bed.

  • Cindy Gillmore
    Cindy Gillmore 5 年 前

    What about.... Maru with Cat Nip ?

  • thefussyfeline
    thefussyfeline 5 年 前

    Hi Maru. I just have to subscribe to your great cat channel. xo Sasha.

  • ครอบครัว ตัว อ.


  • ConcordClark
    ConcordClark 5 年 前

    At this point, I am surprised that this channel ONLY has 214M hits. It seems like it should be so much more. Maru is king of the jungle for sure.

  • queenxpeaches
    queenxpeaches 5 年 前

    meow ^0^

  • Witt L
    Witt L 5 年 前

    hey, buddy ! I really love your kitty, BUT why the all movies was same movement? CAN YOU & YOUR CAT MAKE SOME NEW ACTIONS, PLEASE?

  • Marcela Pinzón
    Marcela Pinzón 5 年 前

    Hello, I congratulate you for sharing all this beauty and funny videos of your life with us. I send you from Colombia a BIG hug and Greetings from my kitties Matias and Silvestre

  • Farah Istiqomah A.

    Maruuuuu!! Nya! =3

  • NiallerFan1
    NiallerFan1 5 年 前

    i love love love MARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • SirEpicWin
    SirEpicWin 5 年 前

    Can I buy Maru >:)?

  • Mith Faustas
    Mith Faustas 5 年 前

    Maru-chan is so kyawaii!! ^_^

  • Chloe Cheyenne
    Chloe Cheyenne 5 年 前

    hello i subbed u ur cat is sooooooooooo cute and beautiful

  • Noha
    Noha 5 年 前

    Feliz Cumpleaños Maru !!!!!

  • Witches Lonely
    Witches Lonely 5 年 前

    Happy Birthday, Maru

  • HououMinamino
    HououMinamino 5 年 前

    お誕生日お目出度うご座います、まるちゃん!<3 Happy Birthday, Maru-chan! <3

  • Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Happy 6th Birthday, Maru.! Your owners are very lucky to have a special boy like you. ♥

  • gamefreak10
    gamefreak10 5 年 前

    Happy Birthday!

  • Annisa R Audina
    Annisa R Audina 5 年 前


  • J. Abdul
    J. Abdul 5 年 前


  • baddoggie101
    baddoggie101 5 年 前

    What would Maru say to us if he could speak: "Thank you very much for watching. I love you too, but you need to limit your views to one hour each day. Go forth and have a life of your own."

  • Christina Hathaway

    MARU IS THE CUTEST KITTY EVER! Sorry Salty (My faithful 16 year old cat)

  • Yoshi Watt
    Yoshi Watt 5 年 前


  • 白水秀香
    白水秀香 5 年 前


  • Jennie Blankenship

    Maru is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • An KONTA
    An KONTA 5 年 前

    he is so kawaii^^)<3 i'm his fun! gambatte!!^^~

  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole 5 年 前

    OMG! I just read Maru is in a commercial?! How very COOL is that? Next he will have a *star* on Hollywood!

  • Jennie Blankenship

    i love maru , i wish my cat would do stuff like that

  • Checking David
    Checking David 5 年 前

    Maru is simple and naive. Thank you for sharing Maru's videos with us. I love Maru.

  • 福田響
    福田響 5 年 前


  • dunebuggie
    dunebuggie 5 年 前

    I saw Maru in a Fresh Step Cat Litter ad on TV in the US today. I hope you are getting paid for the ad. Maru was jumping into a very small box in the ad. He's unmistakable. Please let us know if you approved his being on TV.

  • topsham69
    topsham69 5 年 前

    Love watching Maru! Have a female, straight-eared Scottish fold, dilute calico. Similar behaviors to Maru, but she is not as inquisitiive w/ bags, boxes, mirrors, etc. Very lovable and loyal though. Licks my toes when we sit on deck. They would have made beautiful babies.

  • WandasPetsNCuteStuff

    Super awesome kitty videos! <3

  • Marie Cabos
    Marie Cabos 5 年 前

    Kawaiii !!!! Maru is the best cat ! ^_^

  • Swanness
    Swanness 5 年 前

    Maru wa suki desu! <- Practicaly learning japanese. XD

  • Naoki Abe
    Naoki Abe 5 年 前


  • Ayako Ninomiya
    Ayako Ninomiya 5 年 前

    もう何て言ったら好いのでしょう。 可愛くて可愛くて! 目にする度に登録しました。ひとつのサイトになってしまいました。 許可頂ければ幸いです。

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    maruuuu is the best!!!! konichiwaaaaa!!!!

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    Maru, i love you!

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    oows 丸は愛らしく、とてもかわいいですが、私はあなたのビデオが大好きです

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    ISRAEL DID 911 > on JPclips .

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    Candia Cats 5 年 前

    Hi.. first of all i like your video's and maru! I would like to ask you about your video "Super Slow Maru" what program did you use to make slow motion? Because i would like to try it too but i don't know yet.. And sth not relevant, what is your relation with Simon Cat channel? Because i found you there. i hope to answer to me:)

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    Maru-chan wa sukoshi shibō to hijō ni hijō ni kawaiidesu (I hope I wrote that right or my teacher will kill me..... O.o ) Garfield's got competition....! ^^

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    Maru wa kawaii desu!!!!!!!!!!!

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    CAT'S AND KITTEN'S DAY - February 17th

  • Ivana Istvanic
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    HAPPY CAT'S DAY !!! Greetings, best wishes to Maru and you! Ivana

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    Hi! I know this is late, but happy valentines to you and your family ~ And of course Maru too. <3 I love your videos! Keep up your good work! :) <3

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    Happy Valentines Day Maru and to your family. we all love you so much.

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    maru sogoku futotteru

  • TD Preston
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    Maru you are fat

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    Maru, Y U SO CUTEE?! <3