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  • MrSpanners
    MrSpanners 分 前

    Completely agree with almost all of these, seriously there is a difference between a game being a challenge, and it being annoyingly tedious, I want to play on mayhem 3 but enemies turn into bullet sponges, and it only gets worse the more people you play with. PLEASE TONE DOWN THE ANOINTED!!

  • Taken_Out
    Taken_Out 分 前

    They fucked up NFS Payback so bad i resorted to using a trainer to get currency, because I was tired of waiting to get random drops to be able to upgrade my cars -_-

  • lolman3089
    lolman3089 2 分 前

    just use atlas assault katatawa bbatle makes your life easyer...

  • ゴミ箱に属しアニメは

    Your mic is so shit

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt 3 分 前

    Taco bell..........I'D RATHER EAT OUT OF A GARBAGE CAN *BARF*!!!!!

  • Zach Evans
    Zach Evans 4 分 前

    This video could have been like 3 minuets long

  • Ali Houadef
    Ali Houadef 6 分 前

    This is THE BEST Gameranx video. lol , i love it.

  • BlueFlare101
    BlueFlare101 7 分 前

    80% of these were pc games and don’t make a game on the number six spot you know nothing about it’s not free and it’s not unfair you don’t lose anything you have no idea what the game even is play black desert then come back and make a video

  • Dark Souls1
    Dark Souls1 7 分 前

    Played through half life 2 and the expansions but remember zero about the plot

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 7 分 前

    UNDEFEATEED is a good game i play it

  • Ctr alt dead
    Ctr alt dead 7 分 前

    Murdering anyone and anything

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt 8 分 前

    DRAGON'S DOGMA 2!!!!! COME ON!!!!

  • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache

    This video is a few weeks too late, I've preordered the game s soon as I could.

  • S P A N G L E S
    S P A N G L E S 12 分 前

    EA will screw it up. just wait for it.

  • Not a Weeaboo
    Not a Weeaboo 13 分 前

    Man ima NEED that dragon dogma 2. Such an underrated game the first one was.

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 14 分 前

    Watching from year 2099 and we have a thing where a television has a built-in console. Pretty much a docked nintendo switch but integrated on TV lmao. Elder Scrolls 19 looks great!

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 14 分 前

    4:58 "HUH!"

    RIDONKILUS 14 分 前

    I keep coming back to this chanell 👍👆

  • Zoli P.
    Zoli P. 18 分 前

    From my view its a worse metal gear solid the phantom pain

  • kalebscruggs22
    kalebscruggs22 19 分 前


  • Fellowsiren
    Fellowsiren 19 分 前

    prob never gonna win but im curious you say any console of our choice even a vr console by chance? cough cough

  • Plainjupiter724
    Plainjupiter724 22 分 前

    Maybe Shiva's bottom to arms are purely muscle and no bones like a penis


    2:46 the RUST 5.56 ammo icon

  • Pressian Radev
    Pressian Radev 26 分 前

    i was banned because in one day i pushed rank 21 and mg2

  • Alex Furry
    Alex Furry 27 分 前

    wtf Taco Bell Xbox .-.

    FIRE DEMON 29 分 前

    They added multiplayer to mass effect

  • Kaichu
    Kaichu 31 分 前

    Can't wait to operate my favourite "new comer Joker" as a jedi :D Also, can we have Raytracing in WoW? K thanks.

  • huggybear69deluxe
    huggybear69deluxe 31 分 前

    Omg. There are people that look at items prices in borderlands? Noobs

  • countcapricorn
    countcapricorn 32 分 前

    Capcom reviving old IPs? *crosses fingers for Mega Man Battle Network remakes*

  • purplegill10
    purplegill10 35 分 前

    A lot of three may seem like just bad or average games at first, but multiple of them have pretty amazing backstories and in one of them, even inspired an entire generation of developers to come together and try to make changes. Spyro Enter The Dragonfly was so notoriously rushed that many on the team said it was a miracle it was released. It was rushed TWICE so the devs had to absolutely fill the game with gems just to make the game have some resemblance to a ps2 game's playtime and even worse they had to cut so many levels that at the end of it all there were only 9 levels in the entire game. Thats less than a third of some of the other entries. Then with Overkill's TWD you saw an entire Dev studio being forced onto not one but TWO different game engines during development which is why the supposed 4 year development time actually only included a grand total of 1 year because they had to scrap everything. Even worse many of the developers were using tutorials in the middle of being crunched because only 10% of the team had any training or experience with the engine they eventually landed on. There's a fantastic Eurogamer article that goes over the entire saga which I cannot recommend enough. Finally, Anthem is the game that caused that entire online revolution surrounding development crunch. For those that dont know, development crunch is when publishers and studio heads start forcing their developers to go overtime far, far past the hours that the developers were expecting. This has caused bad mental health issues, destroyed developers' sleep patterns, in many cases destroyed their home life, and even lead to the hospitalization of hundreds of developers. Anthem developers were the first to really talk about their stories behind the scenes and what a mess it was working at bioware. Those articles got so popular that it led to an entire movement online calling for studios to finally remove crunch from game development and in many cases it actually worked. For all of anthem's faults, I genuinely believe that if it wasnt for that game we wouldnt have seen that progress and revelations regarding development conditions.

  • frozen waffle
    frozen waffle 39 分 前

    This looks dragon age origins amazing

  • terrell penny
    terrell penny 39 分 前

    This the most accurate video ever!

  • ZygoticGoose
    ZygoticGoose 40 分 前

    UT 2003 trx please!

  • Tarık Ayyıldız
    Tarık Ayyıldız 41 分 前

    Paying 60$ does not entitle you to quit 18 out of 21 games.

  • Anfernee López
    Anfernee López 42 分 前

    What about Riot games announcing league fo legends on mobile and console, their new card game an all the other projects they have planned for 2020? :/

  • mike peak
    mike peak 43 分 前

    "Biggest money ever spent on.." Is this a meme or is English not your first language?

  • soupman
    soupman 45 分 前

    The tank of L4D them shits are scary

  • Peter Jessiman
    Peter Jessiman 46 分 前


  • Ry Bread
    Ry Bread 47 分 前

    Mega Man legends 3.

  • VorticalSafe 07
    VorticalSafe 07 51 分 前

    Me: wants to get the ps5 The pc I just bought: No

  • Suicide to Recovery

    Duke Nukem ffrom the late 90s would be sweet with RTX.

  • S SB
    S SB 52 分 前

    Need Dino Crisis!

  • Sofaless SKiD
    Sofaless SKiD 53 分 前

    Parasite Eve would be a huge one! Would buy it day one for sure!

  • test tester
    test tester 55 分 前

    what about god arm . is it forgeten

  • Cormac
    Cormac 55 分 前

    I need to replay this, I liked it but felt it lagged and dragged at times..

  • Thomas Priewasser
    Thomas Priewasser 56 分 前

    Warframes infestation. It's kinda like the flood. It's an airborne spore that infects living beings, A.I. and compared to the flood has been initially designed to consume machinery. A function it still retains.

  • Lord Giblets
    Lord Giblets 時間 前

    9:38 You mispronounced the phrase "most of the time".

  • Garrett Watts
    Garrett Watts 時間 前


  • Little white boy Malan

    the last of us

  • Cameron Badley
    Cameron Badley 時間 前

    I remember in assassins creed 1 the crazy guys who would push you into water they were worse that any enemy

  • Michael Lewandoski
    Michael Lewandoski 時間 前

    The last 3 COD games

  • imlacsina
    imlacsina 時間 前

    Has the Wolf School Gear bug been fixed?

  • Charlie Nilson
    Charlie Nilson 時間 前

    What about Riot-games making an Overwatch copy, a Hearthstone copy and a Diablo-copy? Trying to become Blizzard?

  • Celtics Ballin
    Celtics Ballin 時間 前

    I'm excited for the PS5, but not anxious for it's release. Sony and game companies have done great with releasing some of the console's best experiences; just this year alone. And I still haven't played God of War and some other gauranteed bangers. What a great time to play.

  • jacob Henriksson
    jacob Henriksson 時間 前

    Ahh this list was god tier 😎. Oh the map part hit me Hard 😂😂

  • Liquid Soul
    Liquid Soul 時間 前


  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 時間 前

    Yea dungen keaper is lioe clash of clans but clash is most popular game on mobile ever 500+ milions of download

  • Valomek Phata
    Valomek Phata 時間 前

    Lol calling One to Watch the best cards in FIFA ... Top kek

  • Scruffy Wolf Gaming

    I cannot drop this in my Skyrim inventory it might be important

  • Celtics Ballin
    Celtics Ballin 時間 前

    Honestly, I'd rather hear 12 years olds excited they are getting the PS5 at release than hear y'all talk about how poor you are. Every other comment, damn lol.

  • Sheeraz Ahmed
    Sheeraz Ahmed 時間 前

    I want to buy xbox one x just because of that generous act from Microsoft.

  • Alex G
    Alex G 時間 前

    They runned out good ideas lol, they want bring old games with good grpahivs which is not a bad idea as long they don't put loot boxes and Microtransactions

  • damovee
    damovee 時間 前

    getting moist

  • Raelyne Productions

    list is meh to the people who purchase and actively play destiny 2

  • WiseOneTheWizone
    WiseOneTheWizone 時間 前

    they need to learn that you can’t pause online games

  • Illuminate_Us
    Illuminate_Us 時間 前

    So the game comes out on the 24th at 6pm pdt for the west coast but on the 25th for the east coast people.

  • Michael Daunauda
    Michael Daunauda 時間 前

    Surprised that ski yeti didn’t make it

  • West 서Blake 블레크

    Dragon ages Taint is really dumbed down here... Esp with the fact that darkspawn meat is force-fed to unlucky women (of all the races, and this is what causes the different types of darkspwan, and why some types are more common than others) who then become the "mothers", grotesquely mutated. Whos only use is to give birth to new darkspawn... Yeah... it's super creepy and had to leave the game for a month when I found that out.

  • RayTheRad
    RayTheRad 時間 前


  • Chris Middlebrook
    Chris Middlebrook 時間 前

    Anyone kno if still gonna have splitscreen?

  • sorry_kid 420
    sorry_kid 420 時間 前

    An old school shooter he says

  • Steven M
    Steven M 時間 前

    Capcom could do what sega does and get the makers of fan made game to just make their games and probably underpay them *cough*cough* seriously capcom don’t let us down

  • Alice W.
    Alice W. 時間 前

    Dragon's Dogma 2 Capcom PLEASE

  • Wild♦Card
    Wild♦Card 時間 前

    spend that kinda money on WoW...good one

  • Loucas Papaloucas
    Loucas Papaloucas 時間 前

    10:04 A new project, with a New team on a NEW PROJECT

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz 時間 前

    Is this game cross-play?

  • Barrett Wolf
    Barrett Wolf 時間 前

    I hope they remake crash bash!! With some added content! A man’s got to dream

  • Pliant Impala785
    Pliant Impala785 時間 前

    I traded Carla for a toy truck XD Then I saw this video Next time I saw her I blew her head off and then some

  • The Big Bud
    The Big Bud 時間 前

    Was offended by the Simpson's hit and run cause Id run over pedestrians and they'd get back up 😂

  • Verse Davies
    Verse Davies 時間 前

    You lost me at EA

  • anthony pasco
    anthony pasco 時間 前

    Can’t wait !!!

  • lazy lazer
    lazy lazer 時間 前


  • rbgduck
    rbgduck 時間 前

    i just want a lost planet 1 and 2 remastered

  • Derpy Legiana
    Derpy Legiana 時間 前

    Hearty radish and Hyrule herb. That’s all you need.

  • Frederick Harris
    Frederick Harris 時間 前

    ME Andromeda was great - It launched poorly but got excellent a few hour in.

  • Rob
    Rob 時間 前

    Things EA wants you to forget. 1. Gambling Law 2. Your overdraft limit 3. Their release maps

  • Ballistic KIWI
    Ballistic KIWI 時間 前

    number 9 is just my whole life

  • LordQuorn
    LordQuorn 時間 前

    To say WoW is more worthwhile than Transformers is just your opinion. People like different things, it's not objective...

  • Genji Master
    Genji Master 時間 前

    Sounds like Mr.Beast likes Transformers

  • walidadam 54
    walidadam 54 時間 前

    I guess Star wars finally pulled it of after quite time.

  • ZomGitsKG
    ZomGitsKG 時間 前

    Broke a keyboard on my head once

  • Nick Weber
    Nick Weber 時間 前

    The fact that maps are free and Activision is still involved is a step in the right direction.

  • xXDamien69Xx HD
    xXDamien69Xx HD 時間 前

    Is it just me or does that Star Wars game look boring as shit.

  • PsychoWhite
    PsychoWhite 時間 前

    Experience tip. Don't buy a 9700 cpu for your z170 mobo. It fits but doesn't work.

  • Dean Calaway
    Dean Calaway 時間 前

    Ray tracing on consoles is gonna be very limited in scope, they'll like it use it just to draw shadows. From everything you can do with ray tracing, shadows is some of the least taxing, it will still be great because ray traced shadows are a step above anything we have today, but do not expect these hyper glossy shots even because let's be honest here, they look way overdone and not something natural.

    ST4RLITE E 時間 前

    My habit: Running around when I’m playing a game -_-

  • Treyvon Jackson
    Treyvon Jackson 時間 前

    Number 7 made me laugh so hard... I could relate to that one very well, And the stupid Arrow hit box too.

  • Izzy Valle
    Izzy Valle 2 時間 前

    That bell ring with the xbox power button really hyped me up

  • FoXtrot Gaming
    FoXtrot Gaming 2 時間 前

    My parents trying to hire a hitman to stop me from playing video games: 👿 Me playing story mode: 😂

  • Unlimited Gaming [R04DRUNN3R]

    Where is drugs?