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  • ThatSpyTho
    ThatSpyTho 33 秒 前

    gg boys


    IGN how dare you support cloud gaming.

    ZACK VS 分 前

    Both FIFA & PES 2020, could easily be an update for last year's game, and not to be sell as a new game.

  • Aogiri青ぎり

    Oh yes its dangerous. I mean after watching "Back to the Future" it made want to create a time machine and go back in time to see my own mother trying to sleep with me.

  • waslos man
    waslos man 分 前

    a real DEV play hiss game 10000000 of times every small change he do in a boss monster ore somthing he go self in the game test it out look for bugs thats a real developer not a dude that just make soke script and less some payt random check it out

  • S Y
    S Y 2 分 前

    Boycott this!!!!

  • The Serbs
    The Serbs 3 分 前

    Finnally my favourite strategy game.

  • Omlet2tube
    Omlet2tube 3 分 前

    A terrible goose, but in French: Honque

  • Archer
    Archer 3 分 前

    Only if you just stuck with Mass Effect...

  • Iron Not a channel

    *Coming never LOL*

  • B13Helghast
    B13Helghast 4 分 前

    Ok I'm level 54 (as my friends can see on my profile) but ingame I'm still 50. I don't level up and don't get gear higher than 50 but I do encounter enemies level 55+ already. I'm on TVHM with Mayhem 3 activated. Is that normal or is level cap increase for later? It's getting extremely hard without better gear. 😒

    JOKES_ON_YOU 4 分 前

    I left this fandom just because of its reputation..

  • devilsveryown
    devilsveryown 5 分 前

    Holy cow that chick is gorgeous

  • Bradigans D
    Bradigans D 6 分 前

    “You can’t follow me into fire” “Then don’t run into fire” I mean, simple questions have simple answers

  • klx
    klx 6 分 前

    They better include pencil in this

  • Rabi Kirat
    Rabi Kirat 6 分 前

    My mouth just opean🤔🤔🤔

  • Rush27
    Rush27 9 分 前

    They’re already being shot at, going stealth would make no difference

  • thevincentincident 666

    This review is lacking my friend. It sounds like you HAVE to do this you really don't want to do it and you are just trying to rush through and get it over with.

  • William west
    William west 10 分 前

    Is he gona be gansta killa it or just imaging doing all that stuff like some shutter island crap

  • Whutdefuq
    Whutdefuq 11 分 前

    Arkham Origins*

  • FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.

    Wait so no borderlands 1, seriously, that’s dumb, but cool I guess

  • J S
    J S 12 分 前

    Nooooooo i want superman :(

  • Joe Neutrino
    Joe Neutrino 13 分 前

    This kind of irrational moral condemnation is why everyone hates you.

  • Not your typical weeab

    WB and DC are doing us dirty. Not cool.

  • Fabregasgunner4
    Fabregasgunner4 14 分 前

    Them wolverine claws look mint

  • Gilbert Garces
    Gilbert Garces 14 分 前

    It's. The. JOKER! He's morbidly InsanE, but as a character... we'll forever LOVE him for it! He'll bring us DEATH, & we'll love him for it!😍🤗🤡

  • Boris
    Boris 15 分 前

    honestly, all this gameplay needs is a radio station playing old timey big band music and this would look 200% better.

  • TheAutisticGamer
    TheAutisticGamer 15 分 前

    You only make a movie dangerous if you convince yourself it’s real, it’s a movie, don’t confuse fiction and reality. There are many movies out there that are based on true stories for terrible things, why aren’t they defined as “dangerous movies”? Just enjoy the movie as entertainment, it’s gonna have an impact on everyone and play with their emotions and reactions but that’s what makes a movie excellent like it does in theatres. It’s a movie, don’t make it a monster, my friends!

  • Arash Bolhasani
    Arash Bolhasani 15 分 前

    People who give joker negative reviews just because it incites terrorism are the same people who say video games are the cause of shootouts.

  • Collins Eban
    Collins Eban 15 分 前

    Will download from ps plus soon.

  • Tazz
    Tazz 15 分 前

    I read christian bale

  • James Sarkar
    James Sarkar 17 分 前

    Contra First Gameplay starts at 13:17

  • Mak Habi
    Mak Habi 18 分 前

    Maybe this gone to far...

  • Art Vandelay Jr.
    Art Vandelay Jr. 18 分 前


  • remigio enrico carlo cinco

    Xmen origins: elsa

  • lucky ME
    lucky ME 20 分 前

    the answer is NO

  • Gilbert Garces
    Gilbert Garces 20 分 前

    Holy hOOters Batman!🦉

  • Fardeen Ahmed
    Fardeen Ahmed 21 分 前

    The battle kinda looks like Odyssey.

  • Zachary Herman
    Zachary Herman 22 分 前

    I have only seen the Nextflix version and the romance was obvious to me.

  • Christopher Pacheco

    Stop squinting at me

  • Fritz vanLonden
    Fritz vanLonden 24 分 前

    They really should've went for the AWW's with "Judith's First Scene". The scene where everyone's (except for crazy Rick) gathered... Daryl holds and feeds her and gives her the name... Lil' Asskicker.

  • bear121982
    bear121982 25 分 前

    woke society IGN review trash

  • Ryan Schofield
    Ryan Schofield 26 分 前

    Kojima said that the Japanese version will have the English dialogue, but what about the English UI, will that be available on the Japanese version?

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim 26 分 前

    It's gonna be funny the way they grunt when I play the game.

  • Alduin
    Alduin 28 分 前


  • avto walley
    avto walley 28 分 前

    dark souls was first original souls game i know but, but now every souls game is better than dark souls lol sekiro,bloodborne,ashen,surge,nioh>>dark souls, usually copycat games are worst than original games but not this time :)

  • Moritz Lindner
    Moritz Lindner 28 分 前

    "(Now in English)" my skipping to 08:34 alright my english must be pretty miserable.

  • Thad Lamban
    Thad Lamban 29 分 前

    1:40 "Dracarys"

  • `1nfamous Soldier
    `1nfamous Soldier 32 分 前

    I tried the demo and the game is decent and fun. The only thing is the price tag. This game is worth $10-$25 max yet it's asking for $54.99 lol

  • Ra Him
    Ra Him 33 分 前

    At the back of my mind, leerooyyy jenkins

  • Prateek Pandey
    Prateek Pandey 33 分 前

    This is so bad. Please watch the anime guys.

  • Dele Mala
    Dele Mala 34 分 前

    3:33 looks really dope actually

  • LittleHampie89
    LittleHampie89 34 分 前

    I have a better solution to fight climate change- don't buy Playstation and Xbox.

  • kfrancis137
    kfrancis137 34 分 前

    I can just imagine a game where Kratos and Master Chief just completely butcher and maul climate change deniers and politicians

  • TJ Matthews
    TJ Matthews 36 分 前

    Awesome news, I hope and pray they are working on a new brand new Batman game, someone making a new game, it doesn’t matter to me who the main Batman villains are in the future game as long as the game is released.

  • Huey Nguyen
    Huey Nguyen 37 分 前

    I wish I was a reporter at IGN so I could get all the little details right :(

  • Kevin Sorrell
    Kevin Sorrell 38 分 前

    Who else came straight to the comments

  • MoonPies 24
    MoonPies 24 38 分 前

    I’ve never been more terrified

  • Barn Star
    Barn Star 39 分 前

    I'm not a fan of the way the characters look. When I find a new piece of armour in these kind of games I want it to look cool!

  • Titan Slayer
    Titan Slayer 39 分 前

    So i can now recharge my Xbox controllers?

  • Kerimhan Karakus
    Kerimhan Karakus 40 分 前

    Shineskue 89 brown strowman 88 wtf is wrong with this

  • Jordan B.
    Jordan B. 40 分 前

    I'm glad the og fans keep getting shat on. Lol.

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 41 分 前

    Please don’t be Epic exclusive.....

  • DarkLord Gaming
    DarkLord Gaming 42 分 前

    Who is here after Carry broke his monitor?

  • Mr.Criminal
    Mr.Criminal 43 分 前

    Hope they make batman beyond themed game

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos

    Lmao THAT is awesome lmao

  • Jose Enrico Marquez

    Will buy this on sale for 5 dollars or as a ps+ free game

  • Mário Lopes
    Mário Lopes 47 分 前

    Question: Is it easier than the first game? 'Cause I found that game to be stupidly hard at some points (and I had no problem beating all the Soulsbourne games!)

    • Richard Larssen
      Richard Larssen 10 分 前

      The first game only had 5 bosses. This has a lot more, I dont know how many though. The first boss shows up after 10 minutes of play. Easy to beat though. And i know the next boss is not far away(giant robot spider). Ive just played for an hour I love the game though because i iike to grind and farm. Playes the first game also a lot but did never beat the last boss. If you have beaten all the souls game(i have too, with online help) I would go for it.

  • Mr Chief
    Mr Chief 47 分 前

    2 great masterpieces! 2 great storys!

  • The_Cyber_Wolf 85
    The_Cyber_Wolf 85 48 分 前

    Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Philip's nailed it....nuff said

  • Un Known
    Un Known 49 分 前

    *The out of Season April Fools Joke Collection*

  • FlamingScythe53
    FlamingScythe53 50 分 前

    How can you forget high monk?

  • MrRubixOfficial
    MrRubixOfficial 52 分 前

    Cant wait to play this nightmare difficulty with no hud

  • Nitish P.
    Nitish P. 52 分 前

    The comedy is not working. So maybe consider not doing that. Why can't you people talk like people usually do instead of the affected mannerisms? Is it really that hard?

  • Macx Kie
    Macx Kie 52 分 前

    oh theres an eagle, its an ac game

  • Eternal D
    Eternal D 53 分 前

    Something feels "off". It's a beat-em-up alright, but it's missing that.. Dark-Neo 90's.. Feel to it.. Not sure how to explain it. The art seems like it's trying too hard to be an anime or cartoon, and the lush colorful background detract from the dystopian crime filled city that our heroes have becomes so famously know for raging in the streets of. Needs more neon, more grit.. The earlier games were able to do this without making the game feel like it was trying to be edgy, it was just very.. Night time, with city lights that cut through the blackness like hellfire. Hopefully someone makes a mod for this.. I'm going to give what I've seen a C+, it's passing as far as beat em ups go, but has lots of room for improvement, especially if it wants to be a true SoR.

  • 蔡宏昌
    蔡宏昌 54 分 前

    Motorcycle fight !interesting

  • Frank Harwald
    Frank Harwald 54 分 前

    I'd seriously liked both Celeste & Inside - absolute masterpieces! Since I already have them, is there any chances of them coming to GOG without any DRM? Maybe even for Linux? Thanks! & no: the biggest problem with the Epic-Store isn't the lack of functionality & social feature for me & I'm happy for more competition in the PC games market, but I still can't use it if it keeps crashing constantly.

  • Catalin Cristian
    Catalin Cristian 54 分 前

    From the book quarantine

  • nil by mouth
    nil by mouth 54 分 前

    i won't be able to afford the amount of drugs it's gonna take for me to get through this

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 55 分 前

    Looks almost identical to Alienation released on ps4 a few years ago

  • Nhật An
    Nhật An 56 分 前

    robin looks so done...

  • Sahil Gupta
    Sahil Gupta 56 分 前

    Believe me bunch of school teen if they dedicate themselves will run IGN better.

  • Catalin Cristian
    Catalin Cristian 56 分 前

    Cool game. I can't wait for release

  • Chen Gatchalian
    Chen Gatchalian 57 分 前

    Is this ending ?

  • Mik Mak
    Mik Mak 57 分 前

    no nintendo switch???? please>?

  • Stefaan Vanderpooten

    i cant wait to see it

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho 57 分 前

    Yo xbox buggin they sellin it for $59.99 plus tax and the other day I saw this at game stop for $30 dollars.

  • ODD Guy
    ODD Guy 57 分 前

    If those people who are thinking that Joker is influenced people to mass shootings then that's mean watching Final Destination or SpongeBob Squarepant will influence people fear of touching anything or living under the ocean?

  • Vandatte
    Vandatte 58 分 前

    Skip this game, not interested at all for that volta thing

  • Jer Bear
    Jer Bear 58 分 前

    Looks like a ps2 game that xplay would of made fun of.... panda is cool tho

  • RBW
    RBW 58 分 前

    1:39 I finally understand why we fear and respect mothers so much. *MOM*

  • paper drache
    paper drache 58 分 前

    $h!t game

  • Not Anymore
    Not Anymore 58 分 前

    Contra: Hard Pass

  • Crimson
    Crimson 58 分 前


  • lankyGigantic
    lankyGigantic 59 分 前

    Don't forget about all of the Batman things lately

  • Bäbegg Hgf
    Bäbegg Hgf 59 分 前

    Haha. Bruce Lee will finish him on 1 second. This was disrespect! Lee are faster than a cobra, this is too slow for Lee.

  • Mark Pell
    Mark Pell 時間 前

    Can’t believe this is being promoted by JPclips. Such nostalgia! 😍