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An In-Depth Look At Barret Wallace
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Don't Worry About This [4-8Live]
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Behind the trend [4-8Live]
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  • MegamanEXE79
    MegamanEXE79 2 時間 前

    It's so frustrating that he says he already knows the Switch tutorial, and then refuses to use Junction Exchange whenever he forms a new team

  • Scott Siddiquee
    Scott Siddiquee 4 時間 前

    Going through this challenge its weird seeing just how far you've come on your stream. I would say screw that guy about the donation but look at you now 2 houses later and a family. Glad I came across your channel last year

  • Dexplizit Gaming
    Dexplizit Gaming 11 時間 前

    dont you just know you aint gonna be able to do any of this shit in the remake XD...probably only the most basic stuff like fire and all and such

  • Rodeen
    Rodeen 11 時間 前

    Earth is the Egg. Lavos is the Sperm. It inseminated it with humanity. "Universe" is conceptual, as in the universal sentience consciousness creates. You can't look at this game superficially, it is a very conceptual piece.

  • Rodeen
    Rodeen 12 時間 前

    that was not the only time the order of the melody was shown: The Cryosphynx shows it and it is also the order of the guardians of the Terra Tower. The room with the crystals also samples the same melody. In Chronopolis a scientist hints at the melody. It is very in tune with the themes of the game.

  • amber haverdink
    amber haverdink 16 時間 前

    I’m almost done with disc 2 and I have not had any bugs

  • v3nny
    v3nny 17 時間 前

    Is 35:50 a reference to the missable Parasol weapon in 7?

  • v3nny
    v3nny 18 時間 前

    I like to think late game FF7 Cloud is like CC Cloud. Apologetic and even a little doubtful of himself.

  • ColtPtrHun
    ColtPtrHun 19 時間 前

    7:01 omg I remember I had to redo this level over and over again bc I couldn't called the second row of lums. maybe this was the reason you missed the gold trophy from this level while you still collected the tensies.

  • Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong

    9:00 if at least 1 character has underwater materia you can actually win

  • Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong

    Tip: NEVER USE BARRET IF YOU USE HIS ULTIMATE WEAPON! Cloud, and 2 other characters works well(well mabye not Vincent)

  • Lauren de Klerk
    Lauren de Klerk 23 時間 前

    I'll take the original uncensored pixelated PS1 FFVIII thanks

  • Lauren de Klerk
    Lauren de Klerk 23 時間 前

    Japan doesn't like giving fans "extras"

  • Connor Thompson

    Laughed really hard at 38:04 ..”and this guy is going to be a jerk” lol

  • Scott Siddiquee

    Finally catching up to all your challenges. Love this one. The cheese was real

  • mcleary22x
    mcleary22x 日 前

    Whouldt a remaster be a better idea?

  • mcleary22x
    mcleary22x 日 前

    Square was an epic company. Enix was awesome....so why did they go to suck when they combined?

  • Jihell77
    Jihell77 日 前

    I'm a B personn

  • Verbal Ästhet

    A people would therefore say that activating god mode in Doom isnt cheating.

  • taquidosalad
    taquidosalad 日 前

    Real question. How can Irvine shoot her from that position if the car-pedestal-vehicle has that huge back wall and the car-pedestal-vehicle is facing other way? I guess the reason is that there's a lot of goofy stuff so we are all like "Yeah okay".

  • ArchoNils Privat

    the longest plat until you start Skyrim

  • Milkman69ner
    Milkman69ner 日 前

    Burn that midi shit

  • Bradius Maximus

    Just spend a few days on the sunken gelnika using morph on the enemies. Your stats will be so high from all the sources you wont need any special tactics.

  • Zackattack89
    Zackattack89 日 前

    You still haven't got any new weapons yet?

  • Nicholas Geiger

    Screw the FF7 remake .... PlayStation 4 is stupid. Square could have had all my money too , stupid AF

  • thfreakinacage
    thfreakinacage 2 日 前

    I've just gone back to this and realised that death predicted the release year of 2020 :P haha

  • The Based Don Holy

    But what if a game has multiplayer specific trophies, how would you go about getting those?

  • And The End Is Near

    well the mime+counter+final attack worked for me lol

  • Yamishi Ikeda
    Yamishi Ikeda 2 日 前

    Did they... seriously just port a ps1 game and call it a remaster...?

  • Joe Bailey
    Joe Bailey 2 日 前

    The original was orders of magnitude more cheesy than anything we've seen of the remake so far! Good grief. Besides, most of the dialogue in the trailers is chopped and jumbled up so none of it has any true context. The uncut gameplay footage has some great, flowing, well-paced banter; a far more reliable indicator of actual in-game dialogue quality.

    • Tangible Mammal
      Tangible Mammal 17 時間 前

      I should be able to turn voice acting off, and have dialogue in a text box...atleast in a update. Soldier on the bike looks stupid, and I hope you beat him right there and you never seen him again.

  • Rodeen
    Rodeen 2 日 前

    In particle physics, annihilation is the process that occurs when a subatomic particle collides with its respective antiparticle to produce other particles, such as an electron colliding with a positron to produce two photons.[1] The total energy and momentum of the initial pair are conserved in the process and distributed among a set of other particles in the final state. Antiparticles have exactly opposite additive quantum numbers from particles, so the sums of all quantum numbers of such an original pair are zero. Hence, any set of particles may be produced whose total quantum numbers are also zero as long as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum are obeyed.[2] During a low-energy annihilation, photon production is favored, since these particles have no mass. However, high-energy particle colliders produce annihilations where a wide variety of exotic heavy particles are created. The word annihilation takes use informally for the interaction of two particles that are not mutual antiparticles - not charge conjugate. Some quantum numbers may then not sum to zero in the initial state, but conserve with the same totals in the final state. An example is the "annihilation" of a high-energy electron antineutrino with an electron to produce a W− . If the annihilating particles are composite, such as mesons or baryons, then several different particles are typically produced in the final state.

  • tom nixon
    tom nixon 2 日 前

    Anyone know what he was talking about with the skipping the death scene?

  • Peacy
    Peacy 2 日 前

    I love the materia system. Got 3 sets of every master materia. I also did use tons of counter attacks for each character as well, but your final materia combination I hadn’t thought of! Might have to try it :)

  • Yamishi Ikeda
    Yamishi Ikeda 2 日 前

    Actually his name is pronounced "Fucking Asshole"

  • Deepclaw
    Deepclaw 2 日 前

    The scene after the plate falls and Barret grieves is something i am also looking forward to. Its heartbreaking but looked dover by a lot of people. Barret's reaction to the plate made the event feel real. Itll be a great moment for the voice actor to really show his vocal range in Barrets voice because the emotions in that moment are big and fast moving. Grief, fury, followed by cooling down to a simmering hatred and a sense of urgency as he wants to see Marlene asap. People like to put Barret into a stereotype shaped hole but what i love about him is that while he looks like a stereotype on the outside he is much deeper than that and has legit reasons for his anger and his actions. I look forward to seeing more love for Barret from fans when the game comes out. Regarding the voice acting... the footage of the actual gameplay has excellent voice acting. It sounds organic, natural. I think, as trailers do, they edited a bunch clips with dialogue taken out of context slapped over scenes they wanted to show, and it ends up sounding like cheesy anime rather than natural dialogue. It really bugged me too but the people who do the game and the people who trailers are on entirely different teams. The trailers a few years ago also need to be taken with a grain of salt because Enix made a lot of changes since then. I would love to see more gameplay with party dialogue to see if I'm right because I'm not a fan of the sterile anime one liner kind of voice acting either.

  • MuteMusicalMorgan

    That whole selphie glitch has me DEAD.

  • itsk3hiphop
    itsk3hiphop 2 日 前

    Whats the difference between using Command/Counter & Mime/Counter in the ultimate materia combo?

  • MuteMusicalMorgan

    Wait, Fujin is a girl?? I guess the upgraded character models are good for something.

  • Kendall Drury
    Kendall Drury 2 日 前

    All these years later and I never realised you could put two KOTR on one person. I had three plays with Mastered KOTR, W-Summon, Mimic, and Finalcut-Pheonix. It worked but always pushed the timer. If only I had known, it's so damn simple.

  • Kendall Drury
    Kendall Drury 2 日 前

    Strategy 3 was amazing!

  • RecklesFlam1ngo
    RecklesFlam1ngo 2 日 前

    Rip left ear

  • arkhadi wijaya
    arkhadi wijaya 2 日 前

    Played3 times ago. Ididnt kill ruby from 1997 until now. Now i cant play games that consume the times.

  • Dylan Stacey
    Dylan Stacey 2 日 前

    Do Tifas BOOBS next bro. That's a story I gotta hear.

  • RubikvnDevil
    RubikvnDevil 2 日 前

    "Squall is dead" theory is 100% wrong, 1st because the director himself confirmed it. 2nd, in the ending sequence of the game, there was a scene that Future-Squall spit out the idea of Garden and SeeD to pass-Edea. If Squall was dead right after disc-1, the whole reality of the game will never exist in the first place.

  • Kim van loocke
    Kim van loocke 2 日 前

    i can win with the start cards

  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 2 日 前

    I killed BOTH Emerald & Ruby with none of these strategies.

  • prinnyking
    prinnyking 2 日 前

    Refreshing to see actual Digimon and Digivolving - I'm so used to just hearing people using those as sarcastic insults for some of the later Pokemon things (Ultra Beasts = Digimon, Mega-Evolving = Digivolving, Rhyperior = Digimon, Wrestlecat = Digimon etc)

  • Margarito Trevino


  • DjSwagrid Yolodomo

    "cloud also suffers from geostigma, slowly killing him and dansell making him depressed for not being able to find a cure"

  • Lshadowblaze
    Lshadowblaze 2 日 前

    If Squall had died, couldn't they use a Phoenix Down or Life spell? I think that the sorceress healed him so she could get information out of him which is implied in the scene after he wakes up.

  • Lost Evesy
    Lost Evesy 2 日 前

    The squall dead theory is just a theory, not true at all but it’s a pretty fun one.

  • Filicon
    Filicon 3 日 前

    7 of the 9 characters have 7 different limits each in ff7... cool

  • douglas stewart
    douglas stewart 3 日 前

    11:25: Keep in mind, the guy who shot Archduke Ferdinand and triggered World War 1 wasn't much older than Irvine.

  • gideon leonardo
    gideon leonardo 3 日 前

    play in ps ? or steam?

  • Gustavo Lara
    Gustavo Lara 3 日 前


  • Nice A
    Nice A 3 日 前

    One has to be gay to ignore the attentions from such a gorgeous and lovable babe. Is Cloud gay?

  • Margarito Trevino

    Death where is ff7 final mix?

  • Nacho Turrubiartes

    What the hell does SeeD stand for?

  • Mrnoob951
    Mrnoob951 3 日 前

    I can see he's the type to use a gallon of gas and match to deal with a single spider lol.

  • John Ruml
    John Ruml 3 日 前

    I think you can buy all the missable magazines on disc 3 at esthar?

  • SubnoizeSpartan
    SubnoizeSpartan 3 日 前

    Trash clueless player.

  • kingbeef
    kingbeef 3 日 前

    I saw people mentioning the Squall is dead theory after the Edea fight but the real truth is that everything is a dream...except the cards.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 3 日 前

    The amount of people saying you can go back and get the magazine. You don't understand my pain. Every goddamn time. But you can just buy it later anyway. You don't need the magazines to craft weapons BTW, just have the necessary materials and they'll show up in the shop.

  • DJ MX
    DJ MX 3 日 前

    I think you are thinking too much about sephiroth being a final boss of the chapter. No, i dont think so. I think it will end with the characters talking before heading off to Kalm.

  • Denis Holt
    Denis Holt 3 日 前

    I remember sucking at triple triad when i first played this until i carded ultima weapon from an elastoid in this section or the next laguna dream. Good memories

  • kingbeef
    kingbeef 3 日 前

    Close to that 100 plats now.

    • kingbeef
      kingbeef 日 前

      ArchoNils Privat ah! I thought it was less than 100 on the video. Was this recorded a long time ago?

    • ArchoNils Privat
      ArchoNils Privat 日 前

      he got the 100 a while ago ...

  • Jacob Stienka
    Jacob Stienka 3 日 前

    I was wondering when you were gonna junction me Sincerely, a concerned koobuncle

  • kingbeef
    kingbeef 3 日 前

    Nice stamina. Good job.

  • Pvt Cab00se
    Pvt Cab00se 3 日 前

    I always wished FF8 only let you draw one of each ability per fight. Too easy to break the game with infinite draws.

  • TheAziMax
    TheAziMax 3 日 前

    Never see the last trick?! Whooohh I must return to my old save to do that 👍

  • Playstationio
    Playstationio 3 日 前

    Ah, these streams always calm my jangled nerves!

  • kingbeef
    kingbeef 3 日 前

    I wish I’d started watching this sooner. Great job getting through this.

  • J Do
    J Do 3 日 前

    The easiest way to get the magazine in the sewers, is to go down the manhole cover as Rinoa before you climb the boxes and confront the sorceress.

    • Psyche
      Psyche 日 前

      It's also not a trophy to get this magazine, it just requires Timber Maniacs. If 4-8 productions is reading this don't worry :)

  • Ddf Ff
    Ddf Ff 3 日 前

    Boring, no reason to watch

    • Jacob Stienka
      Jacob Stienka 2 日 前

      @David Wilson I think I see what you're doin', ya know?

    • David Wilson
      David Wilson 3 日 前


    • Ddf Ff
      Ddf Ff 3 日 前

      David Wilson ff6 Terras Themen plus hom3hota

    • David Wilson
      David Wilson 3 日 前


    • Ddf Ff
      Ddf Ff 3 日 前

      David Wilson im into Heroes of Might of Magic 3 These days, and the Professional ff gameplay is under easy

  • Maciej Trebacz
    Maciej Trebacz 3 日 前

    Almost 24 hours, wow, what an achievement to beat this chapter!

  • lord943
    lord943 3 日 前

    Great job, dude! That was amazing!

  • kingbeef
    kingbeef 3 日 前

    I just want to point out that since the stairs leading down from the secret passage lead to the sewers then they must be on the ground floor. If they’re on the ground floor then a quick window break would see them outside in 2 minutes.

  • 9
    9 3 日 前

    I'm sorry you bought this trash.

  • the senate
    the senate 3 日 前

    I can't wait to see all the different weapons(Ruby, diamond, emerald, etc) in the upcoming remake.

  • Margarito Trevino

    Your incredible cant wait to see the next one

  • Stephen Betz
    Stephen Betz 3 日 前

    No one: Death: "You wanna play some cards?"

  • BHP
    BHP 3 日 前

    god this gets so ridiculous.

  • amber haverdink
    amber haverdink 3 日 前

    Death thats awesome that u give a copy my man love ya always man

  • Blue inside.
    Blue inside. 3 日 前

    Lemme fix that, "-and Barret having no home, friends or hand"

  • Verbal Ästhet
    Verbal Ästhet 3 日 前

    Hm, I was somehow looking for an explanation of what they do but at least I know where to find them all now.

  • Hiro Mamoru
    Hiro Mamoru 3 日 前

    Hey, I'm actually a fan of the Rachet and clank video games and I missed playing them well the first one I got to play was Rachet and Clank Going Commando that and Clank video game for PSP

  • Ray Norman
    Ray Norman 3 日 前

    You kinda goof off to much. Please just play the game.

  • SteveN
    SteveN 3 日 前

    I was disappointed with this "remaster." It's really just the original Steam version. Maybe it doesn't have that stupid launcher, or the controller is better handled. I don't know, I didn't get the remaster for Steam, since I already have the first Steam version _and_ the old disc install version for PC (stashed away somewhere). I did get it for Switch, so at least I can play it wherever now.

  • labitochromis
    labitochromis 3 日 前

    Hey death, can you please make me a list of all the books and the guides of FFVII ?

  • Milkman69ner
    Milkman69ner 3 日 前

    These videos are getting me through hospital man. Thanks for the content

    • Milkman69ner
      Milkman69ner 3 日 前

      Cheers man. Hyped for the next episode and loving the content. Loving your take on FF8. I haven’t played it since I was a kid but I always have fond memories, totally not worthy of a remaster title which is sad

    • 4-8Productions
      4-8Productions 3 日 前

      Get well soon!

  • Lost Evesy
    Lost Evesy 3 日 前

    Not sure if someone already said, but you can always move in that scene. What happened was how the game has always been. Also the crowd still cheers because they’re under her spell.

  • Milkman69ner
    Milkman69ner 3 日 前

    Love your videos and stream man makes me relaxed with the non toxic community

  • Wayne Powers
    Wayne Powers 4 日 前

    Oooooh my God!! You came Back!!! Glad you got the video out to us wonderful (some of us) JPclips avid followers of yours. Much appreciated and ... I love you Death. No homo cause that gake and fay.

  • Gustavo Lara
    Gustavo Lara 4 日 前


  • Debelmeis
    Debelmeis 4 日 前

    You are incredibly patient. I'm laughing while watching but playing I'd be raging and breaking controllers lol

  • thfreakinacage
    thfreakinacage 4 日 前

    The parachute scene must be the second bombing mission because in another trailer we have Jessie ask "you think he's a keeper" when they're on the train going back from the first bombing mission, so the line "he's a keeper alright" is a response to that question putting it chronologically after the first mission. If they are descending back into the slums too this suggests cloud does not fall from the second reactor explosion into the church.

  • John Ruml
    John Ruml 4 日 前

    This game has a really small bestiary, but most of the monsters are really well designed and memorable. (Thrustaevis and Mesmerize are personal favorites) 90% of FFVII's enemies looks like someone just slapped some random shapes into each other.

  • J H
    J H 4 日 前

    Where's Aerith in-depth?

  • GetBn
    GetBn 4 日 前

    59:11 "That's the kind of world you live in. You've had a lot of emotional training". Meanwhile, Irvine is tanning the back of his underwear and puking in his hat............

  • Kyle Derry
    Kyle Derry 4 日 前

    For gods sake someone teach him to junction switch haha