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  • Widhi Prasada
    Widhi Prasada 3 時間 前

    What a best esper for Sephiroth KH and Riku ?

  • Jok3stah
    Jok3stah 4 時間 前

    A little disappointed with my banner pulls. 3 laps walked away with 4 riku and 8 seph with a list of off banners. Just need to figure out how to gear riku

  • varna
    varna 7 時間 前

    Honestly I mostly just want Katy's super ribbon. Her STMR looks great, but I don't want to empty my f2p lapis for it.

  • BassGSnewtype Full Spec

    Congrats, but envy me, I got 3 Riku in one step. ;p

  • TheCasual Bang
    TheCasual Bang 11 時間 前

    Claic 1:50 in your video. Thoughts went straight to black clover Sekke. BaHa Glad your wifes okay! On banner rates were trash for me. All four laps and 3 20% ticket pulls netted 5 rikkkus. I had to use tickets to get kh sephi. But i lucked out and got 2nd wilhelm stmr and 1st basch stmr.

  • BurningPhoenix
    BurningPhoenix 14 時間 前

    Don't care for Sol? Yet he's one of the few characters i DO care about.. :( each to their own. But your wrong obviously :p

  • Omnilegacy
    Omnilegacy 18 時間 前


  • ジョニー五
    ジョニー五 19 時間 前

    I got my third riku on the rare summon tickets. Should I do another step up summon to get my forth riku or start saving my lapis?

  • Zephro
    Zephro 20 時間 前

    her stmr is good her tmr is good and the unit can covor multiple roles like what else would u want for a unit ?? true she not the best at what she does but she makes teams flexable sadly yah dont like that they put all that into a katy perry cause im like why ??

  • Queston Kelley
    Queston Kelley 22 時間 前

    Man... I honestly just want ONE more Sora. I got stuck with 6* Sora last time he was released. Stmr would be nice but at least the 7* right? I don't care if he's the best or worst damage dealer.. I want him in my party comps all the time lol! Just.. logging in to the sight of Sora & 2B in the same party comp is a personal nerd fulfillment for me. Gotta love crossovers!

  • NooberNerd
    NooberNerd 日 前

    congrat on the pull but the rate is pretty bad to be honest

  • Gabriel Castro

    Used exact same calculations on Furcula's sheet but instead of using 75% imperil (which is the one used for units without their own imperil by the creator of the file) I changed it to 100% and then to 120%. If you have a 100% external imperil available or higher then Sora is as powerful as cg Barts or even cg lightning. Haven't done it KH cloud yet but his damage should also go way higher.

  • Tsim Vang
    Tsim Vang 日 前

    I'm just causal player and was wondering why is she such a big part of this game?

  • Audio Dream City

    If VK Rain got a 7* awakening, he would totally eat with these tmrs

  • arielmeda
    arielmeda 日 前

    Worst review for a.i. katty perry ever. Sorry but you make her look like she is nothing but is a very good unit

    • Claic Yuzolt
      Claic Yuzolt 5 時間 前

      I also say I’m biased but the truth hurts. The unit is super average in all areas but the great thing is she covers almost all spots for a team which means LIKE I SAY IN THE VIDEO she is great for new players or those looking to fill a certain roll. Holy shit people hate the truth.

    • Kanae Crichelle
      Kanae Crichelle 21 時間 前

      Its bias what do you expect he blatantly said he doesn't care about her as a unit etc.

  • afghanp4tan
    afghanp4tan 日 前


  • Jeremy Bishop
    Jeremy Bishop 日 前

    I had 12 tickets. Pulled two Sephiroth with 11 of them and quit while I was ahead. Think he’s worth using a super trust moogle on?

  • ジョニー五

    I got my first riku on a ex ticket. I got my sephiroth on a rare summon ticket. I got two khsephiroth on step 5. I got my second riku on the 5 star guaranteed tickets. I got my forth khsephiroth on my second play of the step up summon on step 5. Now I have khsephiroth stmr. Claic good luck on the summons.

  • Chronoworld
    Chronoworld 日 前

    I used like 5 tickers and got 1 sephiroth and 1 riku and a yellow broke into rainbow on 2nd step, 2nd riku, so happy as that was all the lapis I managed to farm haha. I used my stmr moogle on him. Love KH! Managed to get him to around 3.1k attack

  • Andre Goddard
    Andre Goddard 日 前

    Got 1 Sephiroth (KH) ... but really want a Rikku .. wanna 7 star both if I can...

  • mike cline
    mike cline 日 前

    Made it thru 1 full lap of step up for 1 of each & 1st step of 2nd lap for the 4th ticket & got 2nd Riku. Running Elena, Zeno, Esther, CG Lightning, CG Bartz, & as of today Riku for damage dealers. Got Sora & KHloud both w/stmrs from previous KH collab as well. Request if you want: Dragon - rank 194 - 563,924,705. Always keeping slots open for requests. "Goonies never say die!"

  • Bross 27
    Bross 27 日 前

    Damn dude. Glad your bae is okay. Thought we were gonna die in a road rage incident last night heading to my boy's bachelor party. Dude screamed and gestured like he was gonna pull a gun. Then ducked down to grab something and... Bam! Blue raspberry slurpee over our car. Never been Slurpee slapped before, but better than the alternative.

  • Gaming Skrill
    Gaming Skrill 日 前

    ey grats on your pulls :D, one question, is morgana any good? can bring her up to 1.9k magic?

  • Phillip Castetter

    6 riku... 1 seph lol.....

  • Blading Legend2

    The first lap was the worstvluck ive ever had... Got 1 Sephiroth... I'll be back.

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 日 前

    Got 8 rainbow from the 25k strep and 10 tickets. 4 riku,2 sephiroth,2nd awakened rain,and a rivera.Feeling pretty lucky.

  • Isabelle P.
    Isabelle P. 日 前

    Glad everyone is safe. GG for Riku, those off banner sucks. Pulled for KP? No for me, I don't like how they force us to do so.

  • Angel Robiou
    Angel Robiou 日 前

    I had similar luck. No rikku tho but pulled 3 KH Sephy. Cant complian as I didnt really have someone I wanted. Congratz on your pulls!

  • Relentless Nexus

    Have him at 7* and 2433 atk

  • Mobstar259
    Mobstar259 日 前

    I not a fan of Katy Perry in the game but while @Claic Yuzolt is not a fan of gumi doing this with collab units I wish it was reflected in all his videos of the different collabs. There were plenty of collabs where the started this trend ex: Viktor as a unit, rico's tmr, charming kitty Ariana, king's knight especially Kaliva and more; all those units and collab brought something that a huge upgrade or did some thing that never existed in the game at the time. All collabs are bait because it cost money to make collabs happen, shit to give a little insight it cost money for these companies to even get the other company to have a conversation. I will end by saying this people will pull for what they like franchise, person or unit build potential if it was Goku as the unit It would be harder to not pull for the unit vs Katy. PS. please don't take my statement to harsh, I understand your stance I just disagree on the motive of it.

  • StarfieldDisarray

    Regarding the shield component: Emperor Shera's STMR is very similar but with flat 30 DEF+SPR and some fire resist instead of equip shields and NOT limited time.

    • Claic Yuzolt
      Claic Yuzolt 5 時間 前

      Fucking thank you. You earn my respect.

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 日 前

    Yo Claic, I got your Riku buddy. 417,904,455

  • Keiron
    Keiron 日 前

    Congrats Claic! And thank you for the good luck! I did the last step of round 1 of the step and got 3 Rikus in one pull! 😍

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper 日 前

    Seeing that you didn’t read the story event I’ll just spoil it. Heliarc is sol

  • King Lefty
    King Lefty 日 前

    Got 2 riku for 11 tickets

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson 日 前

    I have bad news... you've been "arm robbed". You will need to find new arms.

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 日 前

    So I sid the first step up on the kh banner for a riku and veritas of the dark

  • Ravi Sankar
    Ravi Sankar 日 前

    I only have one of far. Gonna farm up some more lapis.

  • David Rhodes
    David Rhodes 日 前

    Glad you had good banner luck. I got KH Sephiroth in step 1. Pull 9 rainbows on the lap, and only the guaranteed at the end was on banner, and it was Riku (I wanted Seph). Congrats on the pulls, claic

  • Dominic Varrone

    I completely agree about AI Katy. That STMR is so nice but I don't give a shit about her as a unit. Skip for me.

  • Blue Bomb
    Blue Bomb 日 前

    Loved the video claic. The sound effects were very funny lmao

  • SpicyCurrySauce

    Now we just need sora's and kh cloud's prisms on the item exchange shop. I have 1 of each but I really don't want to spend lapis trying for all four. I got 10k in there waiting to be spent. Gumi just needs to throw me a bone here.

  • amarthaler
    amarthaler 日 前

    Heliarc is a guy... recommend you do the story line event to see whom he turns into, it's pretty significant to the game's lore.

  • Jay fergie
    Jay fergie 日 前

    Good to see justice was served

  • Jay fergie
    Jay fergie 日 前

    How do u have all the lovely lapis😄 i tried farming for 2hours and only managed to get 3780 lapis😂

  • Kira 777
    Kira 777 日 前

    I love your summoning vids !! More ssj3 roars

  • 3rdPartyOP
    3rdPartyOP 日 前

    Wish I could have been there live but solid pulls, good stuff

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee 日 前

    It's funny coz everyone came out safe - which I am glad to hear. Yeah I felt 1 KH Sephiroth and 2 KH Riku ... after 48k of lapis, 2 Knight Delita's, a Balthier, and a Black Mage Golbez. The 5* rate is nice - but would be nicer if we actually got 5*'s we like, want, or use. I suppose the Black Mage golbez is one I could use to make a 7* - but ugh the others!

  • CoolBeat Gaming

    congrat :D Power over 3.7k "D

  • cyrusjunden
    cyrusjunden 日 前

    Wwaaaaahhhh he doesn’t want seph!!!!! Sad face bro. Also seems everyone’s pulling more Rikus I got 4 and 1 seph. Friend got 6 for 1 seph. Unlucky :(

    • cyrusjunden
      cyrusjunden 4 時間 前

      Oh that is brutal

    • Malik
      Malik 4 時間 前

      thats rough. I haven't pulled yet but my friend got 8 sephs and no rikus. he really wanted riku he doesnt care for seph. In the original seph banner months ago i was 9 Lilas and 1 seph it was brutal

  • VegetaEx
    VegetaEx 日 前

    Did first Lap and got Riku, spent 250 Tickets through my Wife and got 1 Riku and 1 Seph along with tons of Off Banner. Will buy the new Bundle and get that Seph Prism. Congrats to your Pulls :)

  • Wro Ken
    Wro Ken 日 前

    the Lottie pull should be the Highlight on this video

  • Kai Mobley
    Kai Mobley 日 前

    I got my Riku to 7 🌟 and 2 of his TMR all from 1 full step up. Not gonna do the other 4 cus I don't have another 96k in gems. I wanted Sephiroth or at least get 1 of each. But im happy with Riku

  • Ambassador Tokarev

    i managed to get to get 4 rainbows in one pull on this banner. they were all either STMR fodder doh

  • MegaSephiroth X

    Claic the first pull I did in step up u ended up getting 4 rainbows plus the moogle in the first try and got KH Sephiroth

  • Rizky Taufik
    Rizky Taufik 日 前

    Claic...Heliarc is Sol, so it's a he :)

  • Exsidus 4469
    Exsidus 4469 日 前

    Claic... do you ever play on other people’s account?

  • mingkee27
    mingkee27 日 前

    I got many off banner 5* but in good ways after 28k, 2x 5* EX, and a set of 4 tickets, and few regular tickets 2x Riku WL Lenna #2 Karlette #3 Flower Girl #4 Rem #3 R Lightning #4 SS Charlotte #4 A set of 4 tickets got KH Sephiroth

  • Yevon__
    Yevon__ 日 前

    I got Riku and a Nyx on the first step and i'm not sure if i should do the full step up or not :/

  • Spartanunit117

    lol got it from normal ticket

  • Andrew Zurita
    Andrew Zurita 日 前

    Sora Riku chaining for the win it would have been a good reference if they done the 3D Duo Attack they have with that Double Keyblade attack to do all of the damage

  • Joshua Paakaula

    Congrats on the pulls!!

  • DrFeelgood
    DrFeelgood 日 前

    Grats on the pulls I'm saving for the Halloween banners

  • Ian
    Ian 日 前

    Good on you Claic! Congrats!

  • Daniel Knueppel

    I legit watched the exile Dr. Squatch soap ad before I watched your video. Definitely my favorite ads!

  • Bixenn D.Cruzaith

    Congratz on the pull Claic, though I got 3 Rikku and 1 Seph on first lap and 1 step and then 1 Seph on around 30 ticket :P Also glad Rachel is okay, that surely one heck of experience.

  • Billy The Crit

    Judge: You're facing 10 years in prison 6in9ine: You ever wonder how Claic gets all his lapis?

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper 日 前

    see i dont care if Riku is the worst unit created, i would still pull for him because he is my favorite kh character.

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 日 前

    Grats bro glad your wife is ok

  • DragonKnight90001

    The only song that will give me feels is vector to the heavens........looks like its raining

  • Oliver Hill
    Oliver Hill 日 前

    Hey Claic! I forced myself to quit playing this game forever ago... (around the time Lightning first came to global) because I was spending way too much money... haha. But I still really enjoy watching your videos, summons were always my favorite part of the game! Glad to see you're still doin the damn thing man.

  • OmniArk
    OmniArk 日 前

    Hell yeah dude 3 Riku! Congrats!!

  • Vyth
    Vyth 日 前

    Got riku on my half price. Nice viddd!

  • Papyrus Super Spagity

    You know you are early to a video when you are yet to see more than one dislike.

  • Charles Biney
    Charles Biney 日 前

    This was a good pull video. Too bad lapis ain't my best friend at the moment 😩

  • mightguy 135
    mightguy 135 日 前

    Damn what a start to the video glad things turned out ok

  • Pikies12340
    Pikies12340 日 前

    30 tickets, 10k lapis and none of the banner units all I got was an Ignis and Gilgamesh, Well I give up. Time to save for the Second Valkrye Profile Collab.

    • Pikies12340
      Pikies12340 日 前

      Nathan Jones in Japan they had another Collab with VP which features Lezard and Mystia

    • Nathan Jones
      Nathan Jones 日 前

      Pikies12340 *me thinking vp was a one time collab “Say what now”

  • Jazzu Johnson
    Jazzu Johnson 日 前

    Damn that beginning story had me shook

  • Charles Biney
    Charles Biney 日 前

    Couldn't catch the stream. Let's see how it went 😬

  • MegaKeikoku
    MegaKeikoku 日 前


  • MegaKeikoku
    MegaKeikoku 日 前


  • Samuel Sewell
    Samuel Sewell 日 前

    I lucked out and got two rikku so let me know if you need more friends with rikku. I got ya fam

  • thekaorucat
    thekaorucat 日 前

    Claic! I'll let you know if I get my 2nd Riku. Maybe you would want to add me then - I'll make space for you.

  • Ryan Dukes
    Ryan Dukes 日 前

    As I understand if you put 2 kingdom keys on sora it would give him maxed true dual wield?

  • Anthony Hatfield
    Anthony Hatfield 2 日 前

    got a Riku! so at least you know somebody who's going all in.

  • Malithar
    Malithar 2 日 前

    1:38 You're good dude. :) Bias are all part of it. Keep doing you, wouldn't have it any other way!

  • Dark Utopia
    Dark Utopia 2 日 前

    Sora's TMR is better than Riku's, but Riku's STMR is better than Sora's, so I think that part is at least... Somewhat balanced... It also really upsets me that I used my STMR moogle on Sora literally days before Riku (and his STMR) were announced.

    • Dark Utopia
      Dark Utopia 2 日 前

      Also, my Sora is sitting at 3,014 ATK with 110% bonus LB damage (80% if you don't count his innate 30%).

  • Patrick Beavers
    Patrick Beavers 2 日 前

    I don’t have EVERY lmtd-ed Stmr, Im out of the _Dolphin Loop_ my bros sorry sorry. Hold up I’ll start twitching/patreoning, my bad guys😒

  • Patrick Beavers
    Patrick Beavers 2 日 前

    Yo I have to admit something guys🤕 I spent 29k Lapis today and didn’t get shit. _1 Riku and 3 Terrible off-banners_ Anyone else feeling my pain!? This banner gave me flashbacks to Hyoh’s asshole of a banner.

  • Siklad01
    Siklad01 2 日 前

    As a mid/higher tier player I always find your vids helpful and insightful keep up the good work claic

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 2 日 前

    Claic, would you take 7 star sylvie or kimono fina bro?!

  • Big T
    Big T 2 日 前

    Claic my brother I will pull and add them to my friends list... you I found the same thing... I have Super Bartz because I think he awesome... yeah I have Zeno, Esther and Elena but I like them all so we should hook up man... Let me know bro!

  • LannCarvas
    LannCarvas 2 日 前

    I got super lucky to get both riku and sephiroth, trying to get one of them to 7 stars.

  • mike green
    mike green 2 日 前

    Add me i need riku friends cliac

  • Brian Moxham
    Brian Moxham 2 日 前

    2 Riku, 2 Seph...friend me!

  • InfernoNBM360
    InfernoNBM360 2 日 前

    Got 1 Riku off of only 1 rare summon ticket so waiting to gain more lapis for banner pulls...

  • Josh Culbertson
    Josh Culbertson 2 日 前

    Got double riku and one sephiroth let's goooooo!!!!!!!

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 2 日 前

    Yo claic who should i uoc out of sylvie or water vertias chick folka? I already got alot of support units mainly zarg, and all the healers basically except folka so idk which one would be better except sylvie seems hella better supporter than most.

    • Joshua K
      Joshua K 日 前

      @Claic Yuzolt You Was not BSING BRO!!! Damn that lil bunny is fire! Slappin AMOE phys and magical chaining on units has put me on that next level with badassness!! Especially no chain ultra strong units now chaining the whole damn squad!!! Thanks brother!

    • Claic Yuzolt
      Claic Yuzolt 2 日 前


  • Mafioso
    Mafioso 2 日 前

    I'll pull, if I get a free one from my 150 regular tickets.

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 2 日 前

    Got 7 star riku today, dudes a beast! Solid aoe breaks, 120 dark imperil. Badass sword. Btw if you need a 7 star riku friend i gotcha covered homie, you have helped me tons so i dont mind leaving him there for you.